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Lady Snowflake

by roberto blake

Lady Snowflake is probably my most solid "digital painting" work to date. The brush work took hours to get just right, but I was happy with the results from that effort. I'm going to be entering this in Photoshop Creative's Forum Challenge, "Seasons". It took a lot to get the right blend of painterly effects while keeping the sharp details in the face and hair as much as possible. I also wanted to create the illusion of motion or wind while using those elements to manipulate eye direction back to the central figure. Despite the winter theme of this image, I didn't want the model to come off as frigid, or "cold", there were subtle things I did in the retouch work to accomplish this.
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  • 06/10 2009

    roberto blake

    Wow, thanks a lot Tim! It makes me feel great that you believe it should have won! I kept wondering what I could have done to make this image better so that I would have one the contest, but to some degree these things are a matter of personal taste I gue
  • 05/10 2009

    Timothy Wise

    This is a favorite image for me and I honestly feel that it should have won the forum contest. There's just something so amazing about the flow of this image that makes me feel like I can look at it for hours. Awesome work partner!
  • 20/09 2009

    Margaret Castoria

    Fantastic! I don't know how you did this, with the colors/lighting/shading, her hands seem to be coming right off the page. Outstanding! 5*'s!!
  • 08/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Thanks Elrien, and thank's everyone for your wonderful comments and support.
  • 07/09 2009

    Magdalena Wozniak

    I like it, very frosty. She's got really nice face expression - calm and friendly. And also you painted wonderful hair! Beautiful.
  • 07/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Wow, thanks Alena! Thanks Zio, this was a lot of fun to work on, and inspired me to do another image that will be up soon.
  • 07/09 2009

    Alena Lazareva

    A colour gamut is liked *5
  • 03/09 2009

    Zi O

    Well it seems your efforts have paid off, beautiful work!
  • 02/09 2009

    richard turgeon

    To me it looks like a well balanced and frosty painted lady! +5 Good work!
  • 02/09 2009

    roberto blake

    WOW! Thanks you guys, I worked really hard on this one, and it certainly was different from what I've done in the past, I really had to think a lot during the process. Frankula I'll see what I can do about getting you a variant as desktop wallpape
  • 02/09 2009

    Sarah Haras

    This caught my eye immediately, i think it's a fantastic image, 5